Top Three Reasons You Don’t Want a DUI in CA

Driving under the influence can result in accidents and loss of lives.  California has laws to discourage drivers from operating motor vehicles when they are impaired.  

You Want to Avoid the Penalties of a DUI

The strict laws include severe penalties.  A DUI can result in stiff fines, jail time, and attending a DUI program.  You will also need to pay a fee to have your driver’s license reissued.

These penalties exist even for a first conviction.  

You Want to Retain Your Driver’s License   

It is inconvenient to lose your license.  Not only can your license be suspended for a year if you are convicted, it can be taken away when you are first charged with DUI.  You can request a temporary license, but you will only be allowed to drive to work or school.

Think of how you depend on your license in your everyday life.  From errands to recreational activities, you will need to depend on public transportation or other people.  There is much you will miss out on if you lose your license.

You Want to Avoid the Embarrassment of a DUI

If you are charged with DUI, your name will be in the newspaper.  All of your friends, family members, and coworkers will know about it.  It can affect your reputation. Everyone will think you are irresponsible.

When you are able to drive, you may be required to have an ignition interlock device in your car.  You will not be able to start your car unless the device shows you have not been drinking. Passengers and bystanders alike will see you use this device.  It can be quite embarrassing.

What Can You Do About a DUI?  

The smartest approach to DUI is to never do it.  However, it is not impossible to make a mistake. You may have had only a drink or two, and thought it did not affect you.  You may have consumed more alcohol than you intended, and did not realize your BAC was over the legal limit. Most people who are charged with DUI do not plan to break the law.

Your intentions do not matter when you are charged with DUI.  Even an honest mistake can result in an officer suspecting you of driving under the influence, and stopping your car while you are driving.  You have the right to speak with a DUI lawyer in Sacramento, and you should do it immediately.

There are many ways a lawyer can help with a DUI charge.  You should never try to deal with it without advice and assistance from an experienced attorney.  Exercise your legal rights, and call your lawyer.

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