Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

You, and everyone else who drives on California’s roadways, know that riding a motorcycle comes with some risk. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s inherently dangerous.

If you were to ride your motorcycle alone on the freeway, the chances of you being hurt are very slim. That should tell you that the motorcycle itself isn’t dangerous, and you may not be a dangerous driver. However, there are other things out there that make riding dangerous. Other…people.

Other drivers are the most likely culprits of motorcycle accidents. There are other parties who could also be the cause of an accident, aside from drivers, like the government. Dun dun duuuuun!

Top Reasons for Motorcycle Collisions

Below we’ve listed a few of the top reasons that motorcycles crash.

Reason 1 – The Need for Speed

Many people just have to drive as fast as possible, and they don’t really need a reason. Their reason is they have the need for speed, and they don’t care who they hurt fulfilling that need. Speeding is one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities involving vehicle collisions, and this doesn’t only affect motorcyclists.

Reason 2 – You Break It, You Bought It

You trust that motorcycle mechanic to service your bike with the utmost of care, but how can you be sure they did the thing right? Unless you’re a mechanic yourself then it’s unlikely you’ll be able to tell if they did a piss-poor job of replacing that piston.

What happens when your engine blows while you’re in the middle of San Diego’s rush hour traffic, and you end up in an accident because of it? You can sue the pants off that mechanic because: you break it—you bought it, buddy!

Reason 3 – One More Shot for the Road?

One can only hope that education and legislation have decreased intoxicated driving overall, but unfortunately, many people still drink and drive. According to motorcycle crash statistics in the United States for 2015, 42% of motorcycle wrecks involved alcohol impairment. That’s staggering.

Reason 4 – Where Are Our Taxes Going, Exactly?

One of the important jobs our government is supposed to do for us is maintain safe roadways that we can drive on. Our taxes fund infrastructure, and if the government isn’t spending that money on filling those potholes, where exactly is our money going?

A debate for another time, perhaps, but you can go after the government if you can prove that a road defect caused your motorcycle crash. Go on and stick it to Uncle Sam.

Need Help Filing a Claim for a Motorcycle Crash?

When you’ve been injured and negligence was involved remember that you can file an injury claim against the driver or other at-fault party. You might decide to work with a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Diego in order to have the best chance of winning an injury case.

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