Road Hazards that Cause Motorcycle Wrecks

Numbers show that motorcycles are much more prone to accidents than cars. Due to the limited number of wheels, it is more difficult to maintain balance in less than ideal conditions. They demand greater focus and a more defensive posture. Riders must also be highly observant of their environment so that they can quickly react when they need to. Even a split-second delay can lead to slips and collisions. People should be particularly watchful of any abnormal objects along the way. The following are examples of road hazards that cause motorcycle wrecks.

Rocks, Stones, and Pebbles

Anything other than a flat surface can dangerous when riding on two wheels. The motorcycle can become unstable and you can quickly lose control. The whole road doesn’t have to be uneven for problems to emerge. Sometimes, random rocks, pebbles, and stones are enough to cause havoc. They can be hard to spot if they are small and of the same color as their immediate environment. They are particularly dangerous in the dark. One moment, you are riding smoothly; the next, you are down on the ground wondering what happened. Slow down to limit the possible damage.

Glass, Nails, and Screws

Sharp objects are hazardous because they can puncture tires in an instant. Tire pressure will suddenly drop making the motorcycle wobbly and difficult to ride. Most cyclists will be riding at a slow enough pace that flat tires will not cause too much damage. If they feel the change, they can simply stop and use their repair kit to fix the problem. Motorcyclists, on the other hand, will usually be going faster, so the sudden shift tends to be more violent. If nails goes through the tires, they might slam hard against other vehicles.

Ice, Snow, Water, and Oil

Wet surfaces should be avoided as much as possible. The tires may not be able to get ample grip on the road surface if it is slick. They could slip and slide, especially at high speed. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid them if the whole environment is affected. For example, the whole city might be slippery after a rain or during the winter. Perhaps a large portion of a road might be covered in thick oil after a tanker got into an accident and leaked its contents.

Fallen Objects

Objects can suddenly appear on the road out of nowhere. An example would be branches falling from the top of tall trees. Sometimes the unexpected debris will come from other vehicles like trucks filled with construction supplies. Riders should go at a conservative pace and be ready to steer clear of such objects. If you do get into an accident because of these hazards, then contact a Rockford motorcycle collision lawyer for assistance with insurance claims.



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