How Are Speed Limits Decided in New York?

The purpose of speed limits is to keep all drivers safe. If everyone was driving at whatever speed they wanted, it could lead to far more accidents than what already occurs on a daily basis. A lot of research goes into deciding what a safe speed is for a particular stretch of road.

For instance, in high traffic areas of NYC, the speed limit is often kept at twenty-five miles per hour. If you are driving on a freeway, then it’s considered safer to drive at a faster speed, as there are no pedestrians around. Government officials patrol all our roadways to ensure that drivers stay at or below the posted speed limits.

Should I drive up to the posted speed limit, or less than the posted limit?

In New York City and the surrounding areas, the posted speed limit is considered the maximum speed you are permitted to drive. You can drive less than that speed, but you can’t drive more than that speed. If you were to drive over the posted speed limit, you would be breaking the law.

When you are caught breaking traffic laws, you can receive a ticket. There are many negative consequences of breaking traffic laws. You could be fined, points will be added to your driving record, and you could even lose your license in certain circumstances. It’s rare that you would go to jail for violating speed limit laws, but it is possible.

What do I do if I’ve received a speeding ticket?

There are primarily two options for after you’ve received a ticket. You can pay the ticket, which is considered admitting guilt. You will receive a traffic infraction on your record. You could also fight your ticket by going to traffic court.

Have you received a traffic ticket in NYC or Queens?

If you’ve been ticketed for speeding in Queens or any of the surrounding boroughs, you might be wondering whether you should fight your ticket. Many people think they should just pay it and move on with their lives, but that’s not always the best idea. Traffic tickets can negatively affect your life.

You could lose your license, lose your job, and you could be forced to pay hefty fines that will destroy your financial future. You might want to consider hiring a speeding ticket attorney in Queens for help with fighting your ticket. Your attorney will know whether you have a good case, and can help you avoid a traffic conviction.

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