Does Indiana Workers Comp Provide Death Benefits?

When you’re injured at work, you shouldn’t have to worry about your compensation. Your workers comp benefits should cover all your needs, giving you the opportunity to recover from your suffering. Unfortunately, you might not be the one injured. Instead, your spouse or parent suffered a fatal accident at work, leaving you without benefits.

Fortunately, Indiana workers comp does provide death benefits to family members. Sadly, it’s not always simple to get those benefits. You might have already been denied once, and now you need help getting your compensation.

When that happens, get help fighting for your death benefits. Your family deserves help getting their full recovery, so seek out the help you need for those benefits.

Death Benefits for Indiana Workers

When a loved one passes away in an accident, one of the first costs for you are the funeral expenses and burial. On top of your grieving, it can be difficult to find the money to prepare and pay for their interment and the ceremony they deserve.

Your death benefits should first cover these losses. Indiana workers comp insurance should cover a certain amount of the benefits, up to $7,500. That way, you can focus on your recovery, not the costs.

You can also expect a portion of their wages, which you should have received if they hadn’t passed away in a fatal work accident. This compensation usually covers two-thirds of their original wages, and they should cover you until your remarriage or until your death, if you were their spouse.

Your Benefits Process

When your loved one passes away, you’ll need to contact their employer about their death benefits. Once the fatal accident has been reported, their employer is required to then send a notice to the insurance company, who will investigate the claim.

If they approve the claim, you’ll receive your death benefits soon. In these cases, there’s nothing else you’ll be required to do. If they deny the claim, however, you’ll need an Indianapolis workman’s comp lawyer. They’ll help you appeal your claim and get the benefits you deserve.

Appeal for Your Death Benefits

When you’ve lost a loved one in a deadly work accident, it can be tough to move on. You’re mourning your loss, and it can be tough to overcome that, especially with the costs of their death weighing on you. You should receive death benefits through Indiana’s workers comp program, but you might be struggling to get that compensation.

That’s why you’ll need help. Reach out when you’re denied the compensation you deserve and fight back for your compensation. Your family needs help overcoming their losses, but that’s not easy to do alone. Fortunately, you and your family can have a work comp lawyer on your side to make the process easier.  

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