Does Indiana Workers Comp Provide Death Benefits?

When you’re injured at work, you shouldn’t have to worry about your compensation. Your workers comp benefits should cover all your needs, giving you the opportunity to recover from your suffering. Unfortunately, you might not be the one injured. Instead, your spouse or parent suffered a fatal accident at work, leaving you without benefits. Fortunately, […]

Defenses Against DWI Charges in Texas

If you were recently arrested for driving while intoxicated (DWI), you’re probably looking into legal opportunities to help you avoid being convicted, as the penalties are high. Thankfully, working with an attorney is the best way to get out of your charges, or have your sentence reduced if you are convicted. Continue reading to learn […]

Top Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

You, and everyone else who drives on California’s roadways, know that riding a motorcycle comes with some risk. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s inherently dangerous. If you were to ride your motorcycle alone on the freeway, the chances of you being hurt are very slim. That should tell you that the motorcycle itself isn’t […]

Top Three Reasons You Don’t Want a DUI in CA

Driving under the influence can result in accidents and loss of lives.  California has laws to discourage drivers from operating motor vehicles when they are impaired.   You Want to Avoid the Penalties of a DUI The strict laws include severe penalties.  A DUI can result in stiff fines, jail time, and attending a DUI […]

Road Hazards that Cause Motorcycle Wrecks

Numbers show that motorcycles are much more prone to accidents than cars. Due to the limited number of wheels, it is more difficult to maintain balance in less than ideal conditions. They demand greater focus and a more defensive posture. Riders must also be highly observant of their environment so that they can quickly react […]

Injured in Chicago? Call a Lawyer!

Dealing with a serious injury is already difficult. You’re hurt, of course, and the costs are piling up quickly. Worse, you weren’t even the one who caused the injury, but you’re currently paying for it. Unfortunately, many residents of Chicago will struggle with a serious accident, and if they don’t fight back, they could end […]

Does Fault Matter in Indiana Divorces?

When your marriage just isn’t working out, you just want out. Things went sour, and you’ll need to separate from your partner. But, you might be concerned about fault. Does it matter? How does fault affect your divorce? When you’re preparing for a divorce, you’ll need to know what to expect and how you’ll need […]

How to Win a Car Accident Lawsuit

Car accidents are as old as the cars themselves. So, it’s imperative to know what to do in the event that you suffer an accident on the roads. The most complicated part of the post-accident process is dealing with a lawsuit. It’s genuinely not easy. If you are not the one filing the lawsuit, you […]

How Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability?

If you have been injured or have health problems that interfere with working, you might be asking “How Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability? That is a valid question, especially if a disability or illness makes it impossible for you to fulfill your job duties. Social Security Disability may be a safety net for […]

Hit by Another Driver: What to Say

There you were in your car, just heading to the froyo social, when another driver struck you. Your weekend plans have just been ruined, but worse, you’ve been seriously injured. You’ve never been in a crash before. What do you do? What do you say when you have to get out of the car and […]